I did my final performance on 11/24, 2018 at Soft surplus.

The performance is separated into three part.

Each part contains input songs, output soundtrack ,and a survey.

First part:

  • input - Adele - Someone Like You

  • output - Demo1(created by 12 inputs)

  • output - Mr. Cabbage(I use Demo 1 as inspiration to compose)

In the follow two part, I play two output demo to test if audience could tell which one is created by which input sets.

Second part:

  • input - Taylor Swift - Two Is Better Than One

  • input - Taylor Swift - White Horse

  • output - Demo 2

  • output - Demo 3

In this part, I made an visual projecting with two virtual musician. I want to know how the audience interact with the virtual musician and also how I feel as a performer.

Third part:

  • input - Lady Gaga - Million Reasons

  • input - Lady Gaga - You and I

  • output - Demo 2

  • output - Demo 3

Here is a video of my performance.