Project proposal

This week I had a meeting with my thesis advisor Prof. Ivan. Based on the time I have to finish my thesis project, Prof. Ivan suggested me to start with a research about ALGORITHM COMPOSING. There are many existed way to use computer either as an aid or a way of composing music. The most important thing for me this week is to figure out different ways to fulfill this task and find the best way for me to do it. Here are some points that Ivan suggested:

  • Complicated algorithm might not be the best way do the task, easy algorithm might also work well

  • Which way is the best(not too complicated but also work well)?

Other suggestion:

  • Markov Chain - is commonly used in Music composition

Here is my thesis proposal that I will share with the class.

Tomorrow I will have a meeting with Prof. Ivan to discuss more about the ways of Algorithm composing and to figure out the best and doable way for me.